Good Spots:
Cowsford Landing:
The best spot in North Alabama. Large parking area and a grassy field for rigging.

West of Decatur/Athens, north shore of Lake Wheeler. Map

Power line towers
Tree stumps past second set of towers, parallel to river channel
Red-neck fishermen...
Here "nuclear" winds mean that you'll glow in the dark...

The City of Guntersville:
Browns Creek. Several places to park with grassy fields for rigging (South of causeway).
Farmers Market. North of the causeway accross Browns Creek.

City of Guntersville, south shore of Lake Guntersville. Map

Flucky for southerly winds
Long drive from Huntsville

Not So Good Spots...

Decatur Marina:
Among the worst spots in North Alabama. Large parking area and some grassy/sandy areas for rigging. Costs money on weekends.

North of Decatur on highway 31, a small forebay off the Tennessee River, and the river itself. Map

Tree stumps all over (north). The river channel itself is o.k.
Railroad bridge to the west
Highway 31 bridges to the east
Red-neck fishermen...